Number of times today I have said "it's like email" to try to explain federation: a lot

@nolan "no, it's like email" is the prime corrective of federation

@ohhoe @lawnsea how not? I feel like it is because there are different hosting providers, but you can still have threads with people from different providers. Or at least, it's the closest analogy I can think of.

@nolan @lawnsea emails are still silos by default and not a social endeavor on each server. I'm assuming the names for federations came from Star Trek's United Federation of Planets where there's an agreement across planets to behave similarly. So each place def has it's own values and mission, and those spheres are autonomous, yet they agree to interact with other spaces because they all have a common agreement in the bigger picture.

@ohhoe @lawnsea heh, at the risk of sacrificing my nerd cred, I'll admit I never really watched Star Trek, so that analogy is kinda lost on me. 😅 But I see lots of other people using it, so it must be a good one!

@nolan ur nerd cred line is... extensive, nolan. @ohhoe, federation in this case is not a reference to star trek, but rather to independent, interoperating organizations.

@ohhoe my dumb joke, otoh, was a dumb star trek joke. :) @nolan


@nolan @ohhoe *ferengenemy ugh lon get in the game jeez

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