you mean sony, that company that made fighting games and jrpgs entirely unviable on xbox, pays people to keep content off game pass?

Liked on YouTube: Alex Jones Obliterated on Cross Because His Lawyer Sent His Cell Phone to Opposing Counsel

shout out to @Wikipedia for hijacking the modern meaning of "maybe later" to mean "no" and then presenting an email address entry box to they can harass you later

computer water bottle man is doing that thing again where he is technically correct but also wording it in the worst possible way

someone in the office is listening to a 10 hour loop of the ms teams ringtone on youtube out loud

or at least thats the only way i can explain hearing it for that long uninterrupted

"i dont blame the met, i blame budget cuts"

well maybe if the met stopped stripsearching children they would have the resources to look at your theft

far cry 6 is actually the worst one in the series, somehow these games are getting worse

ubisoft looked at rockstar's "you are playing an actor in a movie and must stick to the script" mission design and for some fucking reason thought far cry would be BETTER with it

curse geurilla games for starting a trend where video game protagonists incessantly talk to themselves

nice to see that 10 months after launch halo infinite is a broken mess still

someone open a five guys near me, thanks

there's this skiddie that pops up in my youtube shorts and his videos are so quaint and i just cant stop watching them

remember the msg command spam? it's there

remember ascii star wars over telnet? it's there

modern computers are supposed to upclock when you ask them to do more work, my workstation downclocks when you ask it to do more work

4 years and 2 teams to upgrade from msvc++ 9 to msvc++ 14?


"why would you hesitate to do what you have already done?"

ncis may have the "two people typing with two hands each on one keyboard" scene but it also has the cute goth lady so, it;s impossible to say if its bad or not,

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