@darius I put that in the "thanks for making me Google that, now I've learned something today" category.

@paulmcaleer I just had a nice contact on Flickr (via Flickr Mail!) about my pet cemetery project.

The three best vegan cream cheese spreads:

Kite Hill
Tofutti (the original and still one of the best)

@paulmcaleer I am truly at the point where technology that doesn't solve an actual social issue is completely uninteresting to me.

Is there a source for news about new tech that's actually being used for something good?

@darius Thanks for doings. Added HHRA's RSS feed to it a little while back. @hhra_shows

Someone should create an Alexa app that lets you clap twice to turn the lights on and off like the original smart home device. youtu.be/cfgN5tUgjb8

A teacher from my high school documented school life for years. For each class' 20th anniversary he puts together a 2 1/2 hour time capsule DVD. I was revisiting ours tonight and even though I hated high school, it is an absolute trip watching video from the school, seeing the friends, classrooms, teachers, all frozen in time as I remember them.

(He is also responsible for the video of me rapping at my senior prom in 94.)

This is a seriously entertaining article about dog poop and how we need to start thinking more about it. theguardian.com/society/2019/j

I'm astonished (and impressed) that someone has built a device to power a streetlamp with dog poop depoisted in it.

"Walkers use free paper dog poo scoopy-bags and put it into a bin that feeds it into a biodigester. The microbes in the anaerobic digester produce methane, which is then stored and used to power a streetlamp that comes on at dusk."

@pb I should also note that I love that this brief interaction we had almost 20 years ago is still documented on your site (and linked from your previous entry): onfocus.com/2000/11/2083

@pb Nice find!

Man. Before iPhones existed. That was lifetimes ago, right?

@pb The obvious next challenge: find the photo you were taking at that moment.

@pb Believe it or not, it was from Webvisions 2006. Even found your post about it here: onfocus.com/2006/07/3816/webvi

Random photo time - see if you can name the time/event, @pb

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