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Was doing some genealogy research and stumbled upon this completely bonkers unrelated article. From The Times (Philadelphia), Fri, Mar 28, 1879.

(Super long image so it may require some zooming and scrolling to read.)

Running brag. 

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I made a new bot! It grabs a random radio show from the Hip Hop Radio Archive and excerpts a random minute for your listening pleasure. You can follow the bot at @hhra!

Shout out to @laze for the metadata dump.

Example video:

Mothership Connection: May 30, 1995, Sydney, AU

I've found myself reminiscing about my tea shop a bit recently. Wish it had gone a little better, but for those couple of years I ran it, it was fun. Still love the name, logo, etc. and hope that maybe someday I can return to it.

Just caught myself trying not to step on someone else's shadow.

Anyone else play Uncle Wiggly when they were a kid? Nothing like a game about a rabbit with rheumatism trying to get to the doctor's office to inspire the kids!

You know, @darius ... I think I'd like to integrate oldschoolflyers (that's one of yours, right?) with the Hip-Hop Radio Archive. Thinking it'd be dope to have a database of flyers over the years and display them alongside radio episodes from around the same time as the advertised show (similar to what's done now with album releases in the sidebar).

Woman in the Dunes is his most well-known (fantastic book and equally fantastic movie adaptation), but I started with Secret Rendezvous and MAN IS IT WEIRD.

Just got a nice "I miss your site" e-mail about They're few and far between these days, but I really appreciate each and every one of them. That site was a special one.

It is super sad that deciding on health care plans weighs so heavily on a bet of how sick you and your family will be over the next 12 months.

Geeky Family Ties observation 

Geeky Family Ties observation 

Geeky Golden Girls observation 

Sponsored posts (ads) on Facebook are so weird. The fact you can comment on each one like it's a brand new post from a friend is just... odd.

In no other area do we see this. Pop-up ads on websites or inline ads on news articles don't have comments enabled. But on FB, we see brands replying to comments... on their ads. WTFIGO.

Can we just get rid of it all and start over?

A pull quote (and the full quote) from a November 10, 1995 newspaper article, back when having a web page was worthy of an article.

I'd say "things generally don't get super personal on the web" may be one of my less prescient quotes, however.

@le From the final Dub Mission before the Elbo Room shut down this month. Looks like it was a good last show...

I've already heard "Last Christmas" 47 times today, which is 48 times too many.

Wow, thanks, Amazon. I appreciate you hipping me to great Black Friday deals on hot new technology.

Honestly, it is pretty awesome that the Kindle I bought eight years ago is still perfectly usable and functional. Can't say that about very much tech these days. (Though my laptop is six years old and is also doing quite well with only an upgrade to SSD made.)

I've been through so many phones in that time frame.

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