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Tous les matins on va avoir un Dominique Seux qui va marteler qu'il faut réformer les retraites. Donc nous aussi on doit marteler, tous les matins, tous les jours : l'équilibre de notre système de retraite est garanti jusqu'en 2070.

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discord is a corporation 

the developer of is formally deprecating the project, and the only path forward would be for someone else to make a different version under a new name.

essentially, they've been in a constant battle with Discord staff and had their requests completely ignored, and with the latest changes to the API, they have lost all motivation to work on the project. because no one else they trust was able to take over ownership, they're shutting it down.

they made a big post on GitHub about it if you want to read the full story. it's a mess:

from what it seems, there's a good chance that a lot of major Discord bots will not work when the deadline in April 2022 comes by and Discord wants all the bots to switch to the new API. and there's not much you can really do about it


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