Mr Meow found some milk at the bottom of my cereal bowl. Had fun chewing on a stray cheerio

Ok so are empty toots meant to be a thing? @Support I guess?

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One day I will learn to correctly portion pasta so I don't end up eating the planned meal and then another random bowl of plain pasta.

But not today.

@ilianaw oh christ, literally out of the window? I was going to ask if that was the case as a joke. Doesn't that wreck havoc with cooling etc?

@ilianaw what I don't get is how line of sight is line of sight. Do you rent space on top of the building to shove an aerial?

Should set up an alarm clock based on the proportion of recent toots that are in French

@DenubisX :/ Given the medium we're discussing this on, I think this is the bit where we bitch about capitalism or something. Thank you for your service ;)

@HalvarFlake The trivial case of a tree with two items would say yes. Additional constraints?

@DenubisX That last distinction is interesting. A statistician has a very different view of data from a programmer. It's always frustrated me when people view i.e. legal issues around copyright as 'oh, it's just a sequence of 1s and 0s', and your classifications eloquently explain why those views occur, and why they're bothersome. Seems like a field with plenty of interesting questions.

"Dear engineering, we want to make sure you are investing in your personal development."

um I thought maybe _you_ might invest in _my_ personal development?


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