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Living in a world of shitty things is not a valid excuse for not doing good things.

💸 I feel kinda giddy... Sold the (old) boxes I used to move house with for more than I bought them (new). Oddly the guy even paid me more than asking price.

😩 Yo , if you [know] why my container won't automatically start so my container can connect and start the service I will love you forever xxx


If you're the "throw stuff in drawers" type then we can never be friends

✌️ I've been sanitising my tweets manually for some time, starting ~2008, with view to deleting Twitter gracefully. I researched a bunch of bulk delete tools but figured it would be a cathartic experience (over the next 12 years?) undoing all the shite I've put on the web. OK, here goes...

... how the f#ck can an organisation have 80 employees and generate $436M - if that doesn't speak volumes then I don't know what does?!

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