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... I will take you up on it, I'm an improver, I improve things that are broken, your system is broken, I'd like to improve it

🤔 It's always on my mind, whether Carl Douglas practiced that kata for the manikins who shuffled in for his shows

... I opened my hoover up today to repair it and my dog ate something (mechanical) that dropped out. I closed my hoover up and it still works. And my hoover is fine also.

I'm in that stupid situation again where I have to get up early for a phone call, and don't know whether I should go to bed now to get at least some sleep, or sit it out until the morning...

I have a very particular set of skills... but none of them solve my problem because has away all the useful options!

🥴 Bill Hicks neglected to modify this sketch for people conducting business, who forgot they're supposed to be enjoying quality time with their family in public

🧯🔥 I have the really f#cking laborious task of trashing 100GB of old (design) projects ATM, which I've been putting off for about 5 years. On the bright side some utter god recommended [n] today


Ahh yes, the reason I didn't use "ethical design" as a USP a few years ago was because I knew it would be saturated in 2019 by preachy twats like me ~

... you know what, one time to sole trader freelancers, because sometimes (i.e. most of the time) you don't want to deal with an £g€ncy

👋 Yo , people who can do good front-end design/development to me please (e.g. JS component level, prefers browser prototypes to pretty pictures), sourcing for a friend - recommendations? Boosts appreciated.

😳 Web designer/developer, advertising your services, but your website is a theme made by someone else

... don't think something like trash-cli[t] would help in this instance so apart from a) knowing commands properly and b) typing them properly are there any best practices you follow?


😥 Oh great start to the day. Just left out the -name primary and deleted my entire local TV collection. How do you prevent disasters like this?

😭 HELP I abused my Henry hoover in a fit of rage and Numatic have confirmed it's a write-off because a new drum/shell replacement is £84.10 + VAT + shipping (i.e. >70% the price of a new model, £120.00)! He's promised to stick around if I find a replacement part this week. Anyone able to save this 10 year relationship? Boosts appreciated.

... excited to almost finish manually migrating 150+ accounts from (the buggy piece of 💩 that is) to . But, alas, Dashlane has one final surprise

I wanted to find out if using as a storage backend would give file deduplication "for free", but unfortunately it looks like ImageMagick operations on the same input file are not deterministic, so you still end up with different hashes when the same file is uploaded more than once.

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