@mpj hi! How does your g/f feel about you making coffee like that?

... Yo , what other awesome software have you discovered this year - recommendations/suggestions/thoughts/tips? Boosts appreciated.

Excitement! πŸ˜ƒ Taking the new Sprinter 🚊 in The Netherlands for the first time. Full of
🎨 Mondriaan-inspired art,
πŸ”‹ sockets & usb power ports,
🚽 (disabled-ready) toilets (long awaited in these short distance trains) and
πŸ—‘οΈ waste separation bins. Only the automated voice announcing the stations should be replaced by an actual human ^^ (Meppel β‰  Mebbel).


Tyger: why aren't you helping me!?
Instagram: T&Cs say no πŸ…

Best regards

🀭 The entitlement of these clowns, moaning their accounts have been "hacked" and took 5 days to resolve. You are the product. They don't owe you shit. Wouldn't surprise me if it's an inside job; the of

i am a:
- [ ] farmer
- [x] platypus

i am seeking:
- [ ] to rid my cornfields of this platypus
- [x] an escape from this endless hell of corn

They did finally it, the absolute maniacs. They actually did it. Straws made out of straw.

... youtube.com/watch?v=_XneTBhRPY - ha, overcharging for repairs is the Apple way... Takes me back to 2009 when screws kept falling out my . That'll be >Β£800 please (>50% of RRP) and they replace half the machine. I bet Β£5 threadlocker would have fixed it.

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