🖕 don't give a f#ck - I emailed to unsubscribe from their newsletters and they just ignored me. I forgot it's their business model to capture as much information about me as possible

... ️🎵🕺❤️ Whaaaaat's luuuuvvv - Louis smashing it on the DID

... :

* Sellers (cough cough) - make it easy for buyers to buy/replace parts
* Buyers - research how easy sellers make it to buy/replace parts before investing, otherwise your next bill could be €1000 in 5 years time.
* Recycle old parts
* It's empowering to learn/know how to repair your own electronics
* Electronics devices should last >5 years


... ✔ Replace keyboard backlight, board, fans + disk. Try to remember where all screws went and fail half a dozen times, rinse and repeat previous steps

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