😭 HELP I abused my Henry hoover in a fit of rage and Numatic have confirmed it's a write-off because a new drum/shell replacement is £84.10 + VAT + shipping (i.e. >70% the price of a new model, £120.00)! He's promised to stick around if I find a replacement part this week. Anyone able to save this 10 year relationship? Boosts appreciated.


... I opened my hoover up today to repair it and my dog ate something (mechanical) that dropped out. I closed my hoover up and it still works. And my hoover is fine also.

@ldexterldesign If comic books have taught me anything, your dog will now have super powers.

@doctorwhom hmm, so far he's been able to stay up past his bed time, if that counts

@ldexterldesign I was expecting some super sucking power, but sure, that counts.

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