If you create documentation without examples, LOTS OF EXAMPLES, then we can never be friends

[ ] Am I shit?
[ ] Are people on Twitter in the UK shit?
[ ] Are people on Twitter shit?
[ ] Are people shit?
[x] Is Twitter shit?

I find a lot of what's in my head was already explained with many years ago

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I’ll just spoil this guys trick.

him: what do you do?
me: designer, web stuff etc.
him: wanna learn adobe *, I can teach you

One time to the old boss who coasts my street on his 'ped, conserving his petrol and the dawn peace and quiet

😕 Hmm, not sure about that illustration @internetff - is that a gun or a whistle? ~ internetfreedomfestival.org

Invested some proper time learning shell/bash/linux. Still can't believe the first thing they taught me about computers at school was MS Office

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