😩 The ticks leave. The mosquitos come. Sandfly next. I'll be scratching my shins to the bone for the next 4 months if you need me...

😍 Current status... You? F#ck me, flex and grid. What a time to be alive. Hacking that shit was my 20s

I'll be spending the next hour researching the best lookbehind hack that I forgot from the last time I spent an hour researching the best regex lookbehind hack if you need me...

... purging the Varnish cache server has fixed things. Three hours down the shitter !

"15 years in banking and *finally* made the switch to opening my own home yoga studio"

Of course you did luv

to without a parser. 20 minute job he thinks. Good with a text editor he thinks. Two hours later...

💋 Yo , hacks/tools[t] to generate/scaffold objects from schemas (my g/f sends love in advance) - recommendations/tips? Boosts appreciated

t: json-schema.org/implementation

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