@xy0002 when I look elsewhere I always find better value. Now I don't even bother looking on there. Regards CC @Gargron

@Gargron it's weird that people won't stop buying shit from amazon

@eliotberriot seems to have come a long way since last year - good job! Regards.

@cambrian_era they'd probably still be around today but they ate all their prey (and some predators) and so evolved into common boars

😱 Researching some new hoover parts... as a young adult with OCD this was my nightmare:

✔ Confined space
✔ Parent/failure
✔ Young challenged/inexperienced cleaner child


🤫 Today, I've juggled the following, making it a successful remote work day:

* bread baking
* dog playing
* gym painting
* kitchenware refurbishing
* schema writing


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