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"Hi, I’m x: a programmer, writer, podcaster, geek, and coffee enthusiast dksjgvsdgvgsdgvjsdkvgjbdjkdvj dsv gsdg dsdvkjgd jds kv"

😄 "Everybody Loves Raymond (1996)" @philrosenthal/#PhilRosenthal feat. @patriciaheaton/#PatriciaHeaton @realbradgarrett/#BradGarrett [VIDEO ]

Will this get me banned off here? Oh wait, this isn't Twitter.

If you know someone who is still using #Google search, politely remind them that it records everything they search for forever. 😱

Then (also politely) suggest that they switch to one of the free easy-to-use alternatives which do not track users. 👍

Perhaps you could even send them this link to make it extra-easy to make the switch 😎

#DeleteGoogle #GoogleSearch #SearchEngines #DuckDuckGo #StartPage #SearX

If you create documentation without examples, LOTS OF EXAMPLES, then we can never be friends

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