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😩 Yo , that time of year again when I get anal about version control etiquette (e.g. repo'/commit/README conventions) - examples/recommendations/suggestions/thoughts/tips? Boosts appreciated

🤪 Just imagine, wasting your life trying to solve the maze riddle of Student Loans Company's login(s)

👎 (owned by ?) don't give a f#ck (e.g. keep deleting content without warning) - won't be uploading there again. Shame, because I liked its simplicity

🔭 Yo , plan to setup and want to do things as "properly" as possible; anonymous payment methods, (Swiss) VPS etc. - recommendations/suggestions/thoughts/tips? Boosts appreciated

🍫🍊 Yo , where can I buy chocolate orange seeds, when do I sow them and what soil type is best - recommendations/tips? Boosts appreciated

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