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😶 EVENT (1969-2019). Experienced live in their home town, Chelmsford, around '97 about the time FOTL released and it blew my mind. Obvious issues - someone should have stepped in the moment he even considered fox hunting[g]


🌪 feels like ATM; coldest and windiest I've experienced here in a few years - I ain't 'bout this

🤔 It's always on my mind, whether Carl Douglas practiced that kata for the manikins who shuffled in for his shows

... I opened my hoover up today to repair it and my dog ate something (mechanical) that dropped out. I closed my hoover up and it still works. And my hoover is fine also.

I'm in that stupid situation again where I have to get up early for a phone call, and don't know whether I should go to bed now to get at least some sleep, or sit it out until the morning...

I have a very particular set of skills... but none of them solve my problem because has away all the useful options!

🥴 Bill Hicks neglected to modify this sketch for people conducting business, who forgot they're supposed to be enjoying quality time with their family in public

🧯🔥 I have the really f#cking laborious task of trashing 100GB of old (design) projects ATM, which I've been putting off for about 5 years. On the bright side some utter god recommended [n] today


Ahh yes, the reason I didn't use "ethical design" as a USP a few years ago was because I knew it would be saturated in 2019 by preachy twats like me ~

... you know what, one time to sole trader freelancers, because sometimes (i.e. most of the time) you don't want to deal with an £g€ncy

👋 Yo , people who can do good front-end design/development to me please (e.g. JS component level, prefers browser prototypes to pretty pictures), sourcing for a friend - recommendations? Boosts appreciated.

😳 Web designer/developer, advertising your services, but your website is a theme made by someone else

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