I need your help: Some time ago I read about an anti-cheat software that exposed data of the users. I think it only exposed data of users that were identified as cheaters but I can't tell anymore. I'd like to contribute the story to @fsfe as an example of bad DRM. Please boost!

@lunduke about people modifying open source code they use: since @opensuse doesn't come with an rt-kernel, I regularly build my own kernel after patching the real time preemption and setting custom build options. It makes me able to use my 9 year old notebook with Guitarix to play the guitar... and makes me feel like a witcher... xD...

Still one of the most absurd examples of Digital Restrictions Management :

"Revisiting the Sony Rootkit"

25 million music CDs with Sony's rootkit infected 550,000 networks in more than one hundred countries, including thousands of US military and defence networks.

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Ich wollte von der Bundesregierung wissen, ob sie meint, mit ihren Klimaschutz-Beschlüssen die Klimaziele 2030 einhalten zu können. Und wenn das so ist: Kann sie es nachweisen? Die Antworten sind deprimierend...

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Would you replace your existing internet provider with a community-based ISP, assuming that you'd (at the very least) keep the same speed? If so/not, why?


Immer diese Erleichterung wenn man bei der Präsentation der #Physiknobelpreise begreift worum es geht und man es vermutlich im #podcast erklären kann!

Which is worse: Google now, or Microsoft in the 90s/early 2000s? Why?

"Das Wasser aus der Essig-Backpulver Mischung ist weitgehend verdampft und zurück bleibt das Backpulver und der reine Essig."

Ich muss aufhören das zu lesen.....

"Mit den von uns verwendeten Hausmitteln Essig und Backpulver könnt ihr Euren Ofen sauber machen – ganz ohne Chemie." (Irgendwo im Internet)

BITTE WAS?? :psyduck:

We have now a PeerTube account, maintained by @bjoern. For now we will concentrate on conference videos. conf.tube/accounts/nextcloud/ #PeerTube #Nextcloud

So I decided to make another run of those tees 🐺
They're up for preorder here: mercht.com/c/divinewolf

They're sold directly by the printer, and the good thing is you can choose either long or short sleeves!
The design will be screenprinted in white on black tees (couldn't make the moon silver this time)

I just used my girlfriend's computer running .
Slowest version of I ever used...

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