I just recently realised, that proprietary social networks are not social networks but entertainment networks. That's why at least my friends have a hard time switching to mastodon or pixelfed. People expect to be highly entertained the first second they enter the network and kept that way all the time. Being confronted with a network that is stripped from all these addictive tools is a massive cultural clash.

Social networks are a misnomer. They actually are content firehoses. People addicted to infoporn/gossip need more of that.


its a matter of cancel #surveillance culture

Social media is only there for the purpose of making money out of you through advertising and selling your data.

@le_ArthurDent it's a change from addictive entertainment and continous distraction in "social" networks to friendly talking and free learning in Mastodon. well i mean. fedi can get addictive too, at least later.
But at the very least it is achieved in a more organic way.
While proprietary social networks usually these days (especially the ones known to be really addictive like TikTok) have an algorithm that feeds them content.
On fediverse services the content can't be given by an algorithm. Instead one has to start from nothing, find some people they like. But then through those people find other and it goes from there.

A good example is something like Spotifiy vs FunkWhale.
Spotify takes user data en large, processes it, relates your music taste to other's similar music taste out of your sight and recommends you something.
On FunkWhale one has to go find other users with similar tastes and follow their libraries.

It is almost comparable to processed food vs unprocessed normal food.


good points all.

not sure about the processed v unprocessed food metaphor ... i think i follow ... maybe supermarket v farmer's market a better one ... (choosing appropriate metaphor an intersting challenge of its own)

also federation of individual servers rather than a massive centralized server (farm) has indirect effects on the messages found in network[s]

i think there is a lot to recommend fedi when compared with large commercial social nets


@vib @le_ArthurDent

Still, we can also learn something from existing successful networks.

Would it be a privacy problem to have a opt-in database with hashes that combine: your email address, those of could contacts and the time and date of an email you send each other? Add in a decent number of fake hashes, and it becomes similar to the German Corona Contact Tracing App.

Such a database could be used by Fediverse services to find people you already know.

@VictorVenema @vib @le_ArthurDent Finding people you already know sounds like a Really bad idea. What if you used to know someone abusive? I sure as heck don't want to be recommended to our abusive parents. (Not that they're on here but if they were.)

@IceWolf In this system you would be in contact with them by email anyway.

It would not force you to follow, but inform you they are there when you start a Fediverse account. Feel free to use that information to block them.

@vib @le_ArthurDent

@VictorVenema @vib @le_ArthurDent I still don't want them to know I'm /here/, thanks. Unless they happen to randomly stumble across me.

@vib @le_ArthurDent

I'm more of this thought too, or a similar one at least.

See, I'm starting to see these conventional "social networks" as "artificial networks" instead for some reasons. The first one is that you interact more with an algorithm rather than with actual people. You don't get recomendations from your friends exactle but from what the algortihm could identify as a high-engagemnt content that your friend happend to share.

So given that...what we see is of humans or of robots?

@le_ArthurDent I like to call this type as Adicctware. Because are designed not just for entertainment else to keep people viewing and consuming from ads.

@le_ArthurDent Tienes razón amigo. La mayoría de la gente solo busca entretenimiento y esto no lo podemos ofrecer.
Lo malo para esta clase de personas es que se le va la vida en tonterías y están vendiendo su alma a cambio de unos momentos de euforia.
No se si podremos salvarlos.
De todas formas el despertar en la realidad va a ser como un choque de dos estrellas.


That makes sense! I was wondering why fedi feels so much less addictive.

@le_ArthurDent And this realization is part of the reason why i want to go back to dial-up(or otherwise) BBS's.

@le_ArthurDent they're also skinner box networks.

Social networks should be about people!

@le_ArthurDent I believe social networks are where most people mix the concept of "free speech" with "exposure." They expose their lives thinking that they are using their freedom, which is where everything gets messed up.

@le_ArthurDent Yeah, on one hand there must be a transition, on the other hand keeping your for-profit Twitter account alive will make you go back to Twitter “just to check” and keep the BSR rolling

After creating their Mastodon account, I think someone should delete their Twitter account to avoid keeping this addiction for several months, or even years

@le_ArthurDent I meant "for-profit social media" but it’s especially about Twitter IMO

Also, to use Facebook sanely one should stay in properly moderated communities, not in poorly or not moderated ones. Otherwise the posts will be of very low quality and they may feel a sort of loyalty towards these awful posts (but maybe that was just me at some point)
@le_ArthurDent And of course there’s no moderation on Twitter and as Mastodon’s a Twitter clone, I was talking about emancipation from the birdsite

@le_ArthurDent Huh, that explains why I never understood the appeal of proprietary "social" networks 🤔 wow, I had never considered that motivation! I find the fediverse pretty entertaining

@le_ArthurDent oh no that makes ... a lot of sense. Especially the people who say "there's no one over there/nobody ever posts" bcs they're used to getting firehosed with content continuously 24 hours a day haha

@le_ArthurDent Interesting point of view. Though honestly, Facebook-as-entertainment is pretty horrible. If Facebook have any use-value, its for finding likeminded people with shared interests, and ofc seeing what your friends are up to (and maybe finding out your aunt's a racist, but that's an involuntary bonus).

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