Finally! Some bread baking after some long time. I was on vacation for two weeks and dried my sour doughs. It appears as if the sleep gave both the rye and the wheat sourdough some time to think about working morals :D. They are both active as hell.

That's just the proofing dough of the rye bread. The white bread will follow later

This wholegrain sourdough rye bread became a standard bread in our household. It's very soft, full of flavour, and needs a minimum of preparation.

Ich hab gerade mein tadellos funktionierendes InfinityBook 13 auseinander gebaut um eine neue SSD zu installieren. Dabei ist mir aufgefallen dass der Akku etwas merkwürdig aussieht und deutlich aufgeblähter, als im Demontagevideo ( Sollte ich den mal wechseln?

Finally I managed to make a San Francisco Sourdough bread. The first attempts were frustrating, but I think I'm on a good way.

This is a rye bread using a predough that is called "Salzsauer" in Germany and contains 1% salt. It makes the flavour nicely smooth and round.

Thought my wheat sour dough might have lost some of its activity, so I made a new one from scratch.
Well... It did lose some of its activity. The new one is at day 2 of its development Oo.

Last but not least a pure wild yeast bread that got it's crust crack on the totally wrong side :D.
It actually didn't taste like a normal yeast bread but fresher.

My very first 100% rye bread using merely sourdough. The warm sourdough proofing made this one very mild in taste but also quite aromatic.

My wild yeast water started sparkling and is almost ready for it's first dough. I decided to start with biga buns on Friday!

That's how far I am concerning my ciabatta efforts. These ones are made without yeast, only with wheat sourdough.

I made a bud bread containing wheat sourdough, rye sourdough, and poolish. It didn't rise as intended since I changed my technique for steaming the oven and ended up with less steam than usually...

Wasn't baking for quite a long time, almost forgot how satisfying it is. Anyway here are my (a bit too flat) ciabatta buns and a focaccia alle cipolle.

Whoopsiedoopsie, a bit late for . But there you go. My setup is kinda boring, but hey I bought this notebook more than eight years ago, shortly before I started university. After ditching Windows 7 for Linux it still runs as smooth as on its first boot.

This happens if you don't cut the dough deep enough. This is a whole-grain rye bread containing a bit more than 60% whole-grain flour. I kept the proofing rather long since I didn't add any yeast, I only used sour-dough. It looks funny, but tastes wonderful anyway :).

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