I started building a new homepage for awhile back but I never released it b/c I wasn't sure of it

Here's an early preview for my mastodon friends. Since you can respond in more than 140 characters tell me what you think

@fasterthanlime @leafo Also I'm convinced that less is more. Fewer featured games would be nice.

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@leafo i like this a lot!!! that was far fewer than 140 characters i have totally failed yoU!!

@leafo Awesome! That top row looks so fire! Will it work well for gif-background-folks and will it be able to easily explain what the things are things that aren't games?

@leafo It's a bit low contrast on my monitor, which means the "Yesterday" section doesn't really stand out as separate. This makes the page look cluttered, because I can't make out the edges of the panels. HTH, looks like a good start :)

@leafo Hmm it feels kinda chaotic with all the different sections, especially when compared with the current well-aired design. But tbh it might just be the colors :/.

@TRASEVOL_DOG going from dark to light is tough because game images don't pop as much anymore, but I want to keep consistency with the rest of the site

@leafo I prefer this one! The actual one scares me. Too many gifs (even if @fasterthanlime told me how to disable them)

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