Got a random Trumper spamming me on bird site out of nowhere. I haven't been tweeting at all lately and he wasn't even responding to anything specific. Especially weird because he also sent the same stupid image macro to Rosanne Barr like right before me.

Mail truck hit my car while on the clock Sunday. Locked myself out my house
Monday morning. Ate mad shit on my bike around noon.

I am terrified of Tuesday.

Did you know that ignoring bad finances doesn't mean they go away? I'm almost 30 and I apparently still haven't developed object permanence for things with dollar signs in front of them.

halp. am delicate tropical bird.
will die in the cold.

i should probably stop drunk hooking up with my ex but neither of us have self control or other prospects.

New job starts today. Party later tonight. News years resolution: stop being late on bills and pay off the credit card.

I think my homemade pizza is a failure by every conceivable pizza metric except burning the fuck out the roof of my mouth.

how I play Xcom: "Ok rookie, here's your standard issue uniform, one grenade, and a shotgun. No, not a plasma shotgun or anything, a regular shotgun. You have any idea how expensive the plasma ones are? I think yours came from the walmart. What's that? Who's the psychic chick with sunglasses and hot pink hover armor? Listen, don't worry about her. Now you get out there and do good and maybe we'll think about getting you a laser pistol next time."
animation practice.
pen and ink drawings composited in After Effects.
music composed in Caustic 3

Like, there are Star Wars themes, Star Wars touchstones, but also a Star Wars TONE. I feel like Rogue One was an experiment to do 2/3 of the SW formula, mixing up the tone element and it maybe only halfway committed to it. Perhaps they found that blockbuster Star Wars films just don't work as well with a different emotional pallet. It almost wants to be Syriana in space but its hands are tied by having to still be fundamentally part of this cohesive cinematic universe.

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I saw Rogue One last night. I thought it was great, but I feel like listening to the "Tarkin" audiobook kinda ruined it a bit for me as it does "smart" Star Wars the way Rogue One somewhat disappointingly didn't. I know it's supposed to be a darker take on Star Wars, but just doing that without some other hook made the film feel weirdly joyless at points. Like an artfully crafted SW fan film. The final act is pure Star Wars-y fun though and well worth any other quibbles I had with it.

Now that I've had short anti-capitalist rant, forgive my hypocrisy as I let you know that my art commissions on fiverr are 5 bucks off till the end of the year. Classy, traditionalist stuff. I guarantee your awful conservative relatives will love them.

And on a slightly less distinguished layer of hell, internet commenters giving advice about pre-employment personality assessment tests.

"answer strongly."
"no answer honestly."
"well, no answer honestly but not TOO honestly."
"I sell these test and I can say that they are very useful for finding the best candidthsi$%dbrjakja/(bsb%$$#):(##.“

Capitalism is a fucking nightmare.

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There's a special place in hell for the inventors and sellers of pre-employment personality assessment tests.

I held my newborn niece for the first time yesterday. I now want to get a real job again solely to have the ability to spoil her tons of awesome toys.

neighbor's cat came in through the open door and got right up under my desk before I noticed it. scared the shit out of me.

srsly brain, the teeth falling out dream? can you not even be harried by anxiety in an original way?

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