Having a blast with @neauoire's Orca. I've finally managed to reroute MIDI correctly to my DAW, and while I have no clue about most functions, it seems like I've understood the basics. Try it here: github.com/hundredrabbits/Orca

I need a few hundreds more hours of live practice with @neauoire's Orca but I'm starting to get the hang out of it. Freaking awesome sonic playground.


For some mysterious reason Mastodon doesn't want to play sound on this video so here's another version which seems to work better. Looks like Ogg Vorbis has issues but AAC works.

@lectronice AH! yes, I couldn't get any sound, so it just looked like a beautiful machine.

@neauoire I was pretty sure the video had the same encoding than my first one but apparently not.

@lectronice Oh! Do you know why the steps skips like that, you need to use a ratio to your `C` operations. If you want to cycle through 4 notes, use `C4`, it will only increment between 0-4. It will stop it from skipping beats.

@neauoire Glad you like them! It's a couple of heavily randomized transistor basses from FL studio. Also thanks for the tip, I wasn't sure about C ratio, but yeah, that makes sense.

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