who the fuck called it a "chiptune trend" & not "microwave"

who called it `git blame` and not `git whose-line-is-it-anyway`?

On ebay right now:

$65k for a LISA with Twiggy drives and a ProFile 5. NO FileWare, so luckily the ProFile works and LisaOS 1 is installed. Otherwise in great shape.

There are ebay listings, ridiculous ebay listings, and then listings like these where I just admit I'm not a serious collector (and leave it to a serious collector)

you know, precambrian life is weird, but there's really weirdness all around
like these meter tall columns on land that predated the evolution of trees and legs

While we're taking about rsync annoyances: I spent the better part of a night trying to get a measly 900 GB of files from a Linux volume over to my Windows server (which is Windows for reasons beyond my control), and finding out that rsync and mount.cifs no longer play nice. 😡

In the end, I had to rsync everything to a local NTFS volume, then physically move the volume to the Windows server. Bleah.

So... I go to rsync my great apt-mirror. 57GB in all. That works fine because rsync is awesome.

I run the apt-mirror on the mirror machine to check if the result is competent, and...

Aaaand it deleted 57GB of "unneeded" files because I had an error in my mirror.list file. :oP

At least I can just rsync at 1Gbps again. Annoyance.

So yeah, awesome people. Check your records, make sure your vaccines are up to date. You are all too awesome to deserve getting sick due to some other asshat not vaccinating their kids.

Hearing about these things makes me glad I still have my 7-year-old chonker of a laptop and not a post-Jobs MBP!

That said, there are comments saying that things *are* improving, if slowly.

it's one thing to note that Linux still has issues, but it's another to give it the Your Fave is Problematic treatment (and use shitty Slashdot comments as primary sources, no less).

Now, as for the other flavor, the CHEEZ may well be a good thing. Actual Philly cheesesteaks have CHEEZ (usually in the form of Cheez Whiz or nacho sauce) on them, and that's how Wawa does theirs, so it should be good. I may wait to do this one till I ahve hamburger to use.

I didn't have any fresh meat on hand, so I tried the beef stroganoff without the meat in. It was good, but I find the amount of CHEEZ a bit much for something that shoudl be "a bit creamy but not gooey". I should get some and try again with the meat in.

On a whim over Xmas break, I bought some of that "artisan crafted" boxed pasta stuff Walmart's been pushing recently. I got two flavors: Beef Stroganoff and Philly-Style Cheesesteak.

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