I did some poking around on the G4, and it turns out the cap I suspected near the memory has a really high voltage on it, about 28 volts. This seems to be the high voltage for the FireWire, not anything to do with the memory.

All three voltages from the power supply are reading low at the ATX connector, and +12 is reading lowest of all at 11.5 volta. HMMMMM.

The low-side caps in switching power supplies of this era are notorious for going high ESR and outgassing, so I'm starting to wonder if I may have a failing power supply.

After swapping the memory around *again*, I was able to get things stable enough for OS X and the FreeBSD live CD to run with 768 MB installed. I'll worry about doing more with it once I'm done messing with the Shuttle up here (I have a mini-802.11n dongle coming for it today).

Now, my other question is about the G5. I upgraded the RAM and put in a new HDD, but *why is it still so slow?* The *G4* seems quicker at times. It's acting like its caches are off!

@lee4hmz I had some Shuttle SS51s that I got in 2004 and ran 24/7 for 5 years. A few years after that, I went to reuse one and it wouldn't turn on without a delay.

Pretty much every electrolytic in the PSU had vented. It was all gooped in with selastic so I had no choice but to replace the PSU.

@yakkoj We had a bunch of Shuttles doing server duty at work years ago, and they almost invariably suffered the same fate, though it seems like it hit the Core 2 and Pentium 4 models much harder than it did the older Athlon XP models.

I have a Core 2 Shuttle here that used to be my Mom's desktop, and I had to replace its power supply because of bad caps.

@yakkoj As for the Silastic or Silicone II or whatever they used to hold everything together, I'd be tempted to get the dental picks after it if a new PSU weren't readily available.

@yakkoj (thankfully, for the SD30G2B I have at home, I was able to just get a PSU instead of having to recap the original)

@lee4hmz yeah, my SS51s took a PSU that was readily available with fan placement that was "close enough". Sure beat fighting 5 years of caked-on dust and hardened goop.

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