Yeah, I've been reading about ancient hard disk controllers again, and one thing I found out is that the Adaptec AIC-300 and AIC-010 (which were in a *bunch* of old hard drives and such) were designed to connect directly to a SASI interface. Adaptec's SASI bridge boards used them.

When SCSI came out and added a bunch of extra features (parity, multiple devices), Adaptec added a chip that converted between SCSI and SASI, the AIC-500.


All this led to the "triple-function" chips that everyone used pretty much throughout the 1990s (unless you were Quantum or IBM, who had by that point decided to make their own all-in-one controllers).

On top of this, Adaptec's XT controllers had a chip not unlike the AIC-500, which converted from the DMA protocol the PC/XT expected to SASI.

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