While the TI99/4 and TI99/4A computers are widely considered to be a flop, and it's frequently stated that CBM beat TI at their own game, one important point keeps getting missed:

TI as a business was much better run than CBM (or even the Atari Corp Jack Trameil infected after CBM). While TI could have used money from calculators and semiconductors to continue losing money in home computers, they wisely got out quickly and stopped losing money.


@yakkoj I still find it amusing that the chip that pretty much *defined* the 16-bit and later 8-bit eras of gaming was made for a computer that utterly failed in the market.

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@yakkoj The NES and SNES PPUS and the SEGA VDPs are all either based directly on the TMS9918/9928 or use its methods of operation.

@yakkoj Apparently Nintendo and SEGA were so impressed with what the ColecoVision could do that their next Job 1 was to clone it.

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