I drank more than half of a 300mg caffeinated Bang energy drink, and I'm a little uncomfortably wired right now. :blobsweats:

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We are working with @JFonS_@twitter.com and @HugoLocurcio@twitter.com on setting up a dedicated machine for tracking the performance and efficiency gains/loses in all areas of Godot builds over time, so we (and everyone) can better visualize our progress. This will be key after the upcoming Beta..

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It's "amusing" to me how my server can be mostly unresponsive over SSH, but I can interact with it flawlessly through a http server on it.

Wait, SteamOS can't unlock the LUKS partition it created. 😖 More debugging required.

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LUKS2 created by GnomeDisk on Manjaro didn't unlock in SteamOS. So, reformatting with SteamOS, turns out it used LUKS, not LUKS2. FYI.

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I created an 8GB swap, and a 100GB LUKS BTRFS dev partition for my , let's see how this goes. Maybe for fun I'll enable Z-RAM 😄.

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I accidentally booted into BIOS somehow, now booted to USB Manjaro to do the partition operation. 🫡

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I'm in the middle of shrinking /home to create a LUKS partition on my for a dev folder. Seeing as I can't check if it has a swap file right now, can anyone confirm if the deck has a SWAP partition or file? I don't think it has a swap partition anyway. Cheers.

OH. It might be as simple as I'm not yet running with sudo/root. >.>

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I'm trying to run Veracrypt in verbose mode, but that's not logging anything; probably because I'm using their helper window rather than directly.
I hope I don't have to use the nokernelcrypto flag.

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Trying for the first time, and on . Whoops, looks like I have some debugging to do.

I'm new to nix, I'm not sure outside of NixOS if it's still configuration based packages when using nix-env, but I can at least put /nix in my persisted /home folder and create a simlink to it.

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I'm still new to , but w/ switching file system to readonly, I wonder if INSTEAD of installing many packages that you have to reinstall after an update, why not install only w/ pacman, and after an update you just have to reinstall that, let Nix handle the rest.🤔

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