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1980: not wanting to be considered a “nerd” to fit in with the cool kids

2018: not wanting to be considered a “nerd” so people don’t mistakenly associate you with queerphobic misogynists and make Big Bang Theory references at you

boss makes a dollar
i make a dime
and that's why
i fuck his wife

im back on minecraft, whom wants to join me, c'mon gamers

since everyone is horny right now...boost if you "would"

im in a mood to play minecraft with my leftist friends uh DM me to b added

yeah i like how in factories in movies they have all the sparks. what is this, the spark factory?

i think the reason im so okay with going to work is because its the only place i actually get attention and praise

Boost if you spot your kink:

* Fat Yoshi
* Vaporwave
* Breathplay
* John McCain's cancer
* A wholesome, inclusive environment for your comrades
* Mashing the follow button

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