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Mastodon in 2018: new posters grapple for likes, shares and follows as they work through the trauma induced by artificial scarcity on twitter

Mastodon in 2020: users have adapted to a post-scarcity society, social capital is shared equitably, everyone can finally focus on Haveing Fun Online

hey. i know we’re all having fun and making a point or whatever, but as a white person, i just want to point out that all white people should fuck off and die

periodic reminder that this instance,, has one of the most lively instances full of (mostly queer) leftists muted so you can't see or interact with them unless you already follow them so now might be a good idea to consider joining another instance.

if you'd like to join the queer leftist shitposting party i can invite to, and also if you want to cast some spells and have a chill time i run which is open for registrations!

if anyone wants me i shall be at for the forseeable

(narrator voice: no one wanted them)

maxing out the capabilities of ms paint to create the longest longfield possible

bofa is a nice instance but hardly anyone there is awake when i am

long interview on the today programme just now with a woman who successfully contested a parking fine by sending the council a poem about a massive shit she took

there’s some insights you can only really gain by reading the liner notes you know


every day down at your local supermarchet, there are sweet deals to be had on beeves of all sizes. a beeve to suit every need

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Quatermass and the Pit is on iplayer, treat your damn selves

controversial opinion 

the colours of the enby flag are ugly and i’m angry that it’s not cute like the trans flag

me, drinking a large bucket of strong coffee with half a bottle of monin syrup in it: lol wonder why i feel so gross. probably Gluten

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