@xmakina well, you'll be the first to know if i end up moving. i do remember seeing some of your posts in my feed recently but maybe it only works the other way round. or i'm just remembering wrong. i'll check when bofa comes back online

@xmakina ah drat, that's a pain. didn't realise .technology had suspended it too. we should at least be able to see each other's posts if we follow each other?

hey. i know we’re all having fun and making a point or whatever, but as a white person, i just want to point out that all white people should fuck off and die

periodic reminder that this instance, mastodon.social, has one of the most lively instances full of (mostly queer) leftists muted so you can't see or interact with them unless you already follow them so now might be a good idea to consider joining another instance.

if you'd like to join the queer leftist shitposting party i can invite to bofa.lol, and also if you want to cast some spells and have a chill time i run witches.live which is open for registrations!

@Gargron sort of feels like it's not doing the job it was built for. i'll continue to hold out hope that these are the teething problems on which a better consensus can be built in future. as i think may have been mentioned already, this ain't it.

@Gargron when i signed up for my .social account i got the impression that the mods were trying to be intentional in creating an environment that protected people who had historically been disadvantaged by the sort of traditional moderation policies that were vulnerable to inequitable application, in favour of more powerful groups. i thought it was trying to set the standard for a new way of doing things that was more empowering for marginalised people. i hope i didn't misunderstand.

@Gargron true. but it's impossible to ignore that .social is basically the hub world around here, and that any instance it doesn't federate with is cut off from a large proportion of new users looking for a home, and established users too. other smaller instances will also take their cues from .social's behaviour, like it or not.

@Gargron thank you for posting the list, that's a useful resource. i hope you can understand how upsetting this business is for bofa users, a large percentage of whom are trans people who left twitter hoping to find somewhere that would protect them from, among other things, this exact type of marginalisation.

if anyone wants me i shall be at pisscotheque@bofa.lol for the forseeable

(narrator voice: no one wanted them)

maxing out the capabilities of ms paint to create the longest longfield possible

@pataphyst i'm as clueless as anyone buddy, think i'm gonna wait here until something that suits my need to shitpost during GMT hours appears

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