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looking back, the only reason i ever started making an effort to be informed about politics was so i could win arguments with my dad. and it turns out, when you’re arguing with someone who thinks that seeing “tory cunts” spray-painted on the side of a bin is as bad as the holocaust, there is literally nothing to win


has john mccain actually died? are you fuckers just so horny for it that you can’t stop memeing about it? that’s for me to judge

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i refuse to read the news ever again and will be inferring the latest developments in current affairs through several layers of masto shitposts

My name is Daniel Plainview, and this is my son and partner, H.W. I’m an oil man 

all of the fucking nightposters went to bed, didn’t they. fuck. Shit

you’d think e e cummings would be an open goal wouldn’t you. he eludes me

my favorite tumblr personality was the girl who was a super-skilled leftist with the firmest grasp of theory since like Chomsky but she was obssesed with the Lorax movie so you had to deal with lorax fanart if you wanted to follow her

interacting with people online tricks me into thinking I am with my friends but I am actually by myself

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