Made new earrings today playing with the fact that LEDs are diods!

Will use those to communicate with friends!


You want in on the secret communication?

At the moment they mean : I did not have green once so I accidentally made a very American looking set

@leli those look cool!
I wanted to make myself LED earrings for a long time, but always over engineered them.


They will be super shiny anyway so no one will see much of the design;)

@leli yeah well it was more like that I was designing a PCB with LEDs and a micro controller and an accelerometer. The intention was to have them interact with movement.

@HackyScientress nice!!! But how heavy will that be?

I really love the adafruit playground for programmable projects but that would be too much for my sensitive ears ...

@leli Not very, the coin cell would still be the heaviest part. I always got stuck on not wanting to use a coin cell because sustainability, maybe I'll just go ahead and make the first version with a coin cell and postpone using a sustainable power source to v2.


Die gibt es auch als Akku!

Für Workshops hab ich halt immer nur die Einwegbatterien damit die Leute das auch mitnehmen können

@leli Oh cool das wußte ich garnicht, das ist gut. Irgendwie hab ich gerade bock drauf, vielleicht setze ich mich heute Abend ran und design da was.

@leli omg this is so clever and so simple and so practical!


@leli this is cool and I've not seen anyone do it before.
Can you tell me if it's ok to run LEDs like that for any length of time without a resistor? I always thought they needed a load but I'm very rusty with electronics.
Also do you have any problems with the legs shorting out the battery? Is that cell's side far enough away that it's not a problem or have you put some nail polish or anything on to insulate it?

@moopet if you take 3v LEDs they work fine with 3v batteries

I‘m not really sure I understand the question with the legs shorting the battery

The legs touching the battery is how you close the circuit. And since the legs of the LEDs are roughly one coincell width apart this works very well

@leli the coin batteries I've seen have a kind of lip around the edge where the terminals ar about .5mm away from each other

@moopet ah now I see what you mean

Never had any problems with that or any need for nailpolish-Isolation because they are at slightly different height

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