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"... the astonishing fact is that this botnet was, inadvertently, performing brute-force attacks against SATCOM modems located onboard an in-flight aircraft."

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I fixed the "follow all" error on, sorry for the trouble

I'm thinking my crazy idea of making a twitter account for every flying aircraft might be perfectly reasonable as a specialized Mastodon instance. You could, for example, follow N178B to know when a Missile Defense Agency airborne observatory is watching a test, or N61Q to know when Dynamic Aviation is scattering sterile fruit flies over Los Angeles.

Hello, people of Mastodon!

I am John Wiseman. I am an R&D Imagineer who

* sometimes combs the desert for X-plane wreckage (see header photo)

* occasionally discovers fleets of secret FBI surveillance aircraft registered to front companies

* often builds speech/natural language interfaces

* was obsessed with drones for years

* is a monkey in the family mythology that splits us into birds (my son and wife) and monkeys (my daughter and I).


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