Practical use of Toki Ponatoki (self.tokipona)
HS1D4ever | 2020

I got an idea for a practical application of Toki Pona, beyond being a hobby language.
Maybe Toki Pona could be used to avoid harsh arguments between spouses or family members.
For example, a couple could have a rule that if they get into a fight, in the first 10 minutes they have to argue using Toki Pona only. (The clock starts ticking when one of the parties triggers this rule by replying in Toki Pona).
This may shift their mind and attention away from bitter quarelling, towards a more constructive dialogue, as they will have to put a part of their attention away from the reasons for the quarrel towards the language itself, i.e. how to express their grievances using only 120 words. Hopefully, this will prevent them from being completely engulfed in the argument, and approach the situation from a more detached/objective position.
What do you think? Does anyone have a partner or family member that speaks Toki Pona? We need someone to field-test this!

#TokiPona #mention #family #kulupu_mama #anno2020


@jansegers tenpo mute la mi wile toki tawa jan kulupu mi kepeken toki pona. ona li toki e wile sona ona pi toki pona tawa mi. taso sona toki li kepeken wawa li kepeken tenpo mute la ona li kama mute ala e toki pona.
taso la ona li kama sona pona e toki pona la mi ken ni li ken toki e kama

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