ilo uswsusp la mi ken awen e pali ilo kepeken wawa ala

@jansegers tenpo mute la mi wile toki tawa jan kulupu mi kepeken toki pona. ona li toki e wile sona ona pi toki pona tawa mi. taso sona toki li kepeken wawa li kepeken tenpo mute la ona li kama mute ala e toki pona.
taso la ona li kama sona pona e toki pona la mi ken ni li ken toki e kama

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I hope the invisible hand of the market washes hands regularly

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scientific lab oven (please boost) 

i may as well be open and public about this.

my government student support loan has come through for this semester. i now have $1000AUD.

i am gonna finally buy a bed. i have been sleeping on a blow-up mattress since june 2019.

i really want to experiment with cooking my own transistors, according to this blog post i wrote:

does anyone know where i can get a cheap lab oven? i could blow all the cash on what they have on ebay, which is effectively $1000AUD for the cheapest one, but i am just curious if i can help any of you out by buying one off any of y'all.

also on the list of options is:

- a casio F91W watch
- a printer
- pay phone bill (can probably wait)
- pay net bill (trivial amount)
- pay VPS (trivial)
- extend domain
- get PCBs manufactured for the RAVEN (
- commission a kaomoji/ascii emoticon artist for UWU-GAME
- sling @yaaps some cash as i always do (<3)

and that's it

please boost.
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shoutout to Prometheus for stealing fire, thus committing the first hot take

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