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Currently reading “Conquest of Bread” by Kropotkin

Idle thought: Why do I run Linux? 

@compucat I couldn’t have said it better

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@cadey I don't like when it's portrayed that it's an inherent quality of the internet to create addiction because there are very significant benefits to the internet. The reason it can be harmful is its mass corporatization. Companies use the internet to create addiction (namely, social media companies) because addiction is profitable, especially if said addiction presents no upfront cost to the user.

Ugh, I’d like to shed discord for a free software alternative, but I’ve caught myself in a network effect. I’m trapped.

@cadey It's such an amazingly interesting operating system. It's truly a work of art. I need to look into it more.

@artemis The void is an interesting place. It's made even better by FOSS

toki insa mi li kama pona
lawa mi li tawa li tawa li tawa
tenpo ni la ona li tawa ala.

mi ken lon pona li ken pilin pona


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