It seems I’m not the only one on the farm who likes reading sci-fi…

I enjoyed it! But not quite enough to start it all over again or to start on its sequel(s). My Brain needs a rest.

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I did not think I would enjoy Dune nearly as much as I’m actually enjoying it.

In the meantime, I have used my good plastic boxes, and included silica gel packets, and am hoping the current situation is temporary.

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I just wish the farm storage was drier and had a more stable temperature. Without that the cardboard boxes are not coping at all well. I may have to put some monitoring in sometime soon.

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Guess who has two copies of logicomix and then put them in different boxes? Oops

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I’m also re-packing the 6 boxes of stored books I have here at home.

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Today’s fun is unpacking my stuff that recently arrived back from Seattle.

Fuck you if you ask “what’s it for” when someone is doing electronic kits to learn how to solder better. It doesn’t have to be *for* anything.

“Oh now it’s finished you can find something to use it for” how about you get in the bin, Dave.

Yes, “what is it for” is a very very different question to “what does it do?” Which is allowable (1x per day).

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bad rhyme 

roses are read
and you all are great
stay off the bird site
'cause it's not 2008

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The City and The City was so damn good. So was The Last Days of New Paris.

Glad I finally found China Miéville.

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♬ North Virginia ♪
♪ DC Metro ♬
♪ take me home ♪
♬ country road ♪

I’m reading Inferior by Angela Saini and it’s really good.

If you’re a dude, you should probably read it.

But it’s interesting beyond just that: How we go about studying these things is inherently hard but also edifying.

I am very Breughel’d out, but coming to Vienna for just that exhibition (and managing to squeeze a lot in besides) has been an excellent decision.

I seem to be in the part of Austria where I can use my German for shitposting, but not for talking to anyone. Oh well.

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Favourite Translation I’ve seen so far: “Filterkaffee” translated as “American Coffee”

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