Using Delta Chat with email sub-addresses

I recently added Delta Chat to my ever-growing collection of instant messaging applications. What intrigued me was the simplicity and the use of well-established protocols like IMAP and SMTP - chat messages are sent and stored like email messages, with built-in encryption (based on Autocrypt, which is suppo

@bjoern oh, good to know! Yes, this is likely the OX Talk application that I was referring to. Let's hope that they work closely with the @delta folks to ensure interoperability...

@lenzgr @delta To be honest, I'm still a bit undecided if I like the general idea or not. It works great as long as everyone uses delta chat. But as soon as you start messaging people who don't use delta chat, all the one sentence mails, one-picture-only mails, etc can become spamy quite fast.

@bjoern @delta only if you open that IMAP folder in your regular MUA. But true, it would certainly be a different workload for the underlying infrastructure.

@lenzgr @delta As far as I understand it, that's the unique selling point: "Chat with anyone if you know their e-mail address..." and "Largest userbase - receivers not using Delta Chat can be reached as well". Technically that's true. I have a email address from (almost) all of my contacts. But in practice most of them would not like it if I would start sending them single-sentence/attachment mails with delta chat.... and if you start using separate email addresses you lose all the benefits.

@bjoern @lenzgr @delta there are some effort going on to make easier the use of with your current account so you don't need a dedicated account, about the spam, it is true that you can chat with anyone but they probably don't want you to send a lot of short emails, so it is true that it isn't comfortable for users not using Delta Chat to chat with you using a classic MUA.

@lenzgr Diese Möglichkeit kannte ich noch nicht. Danke für den aufschlussreich Blog-Artikel.

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