After I've been evaluating a lot of applications for , I stumbled over - finally a tool that is intuitive to use, feature-rich and does not crash!

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@lenzgr cool! last time I had to edit video I used

It is pretty good, but the release I used (0.1.2) still had some shortcomings. I remember those were fixed on master, but master was broken in other ways at that time - not sure if things have stabilized since. So "one to keep an eye on" when more releases appear.

I'll definitely bookmark shortcut for next time, I don't think I had seen it before!

@raboof thanks for sharing! That one hasn't been on my radar before, will take a look.

@lenzgr @alcinnz yesssss! I love Shotcut, it is brilliant yet rarely is ever mentioned in video editor reviews or suggestion pieces.

@lenzgr Will give it a try. Had to do this once a few years ago and "intuitive to use" would not have been the term I would use for the tools I tried then.

@lenzgr I actually like KdeNLive. How does it shotcut compare? (I've not experienced any crashes with KdeNLive but I've heard they are common)

@delegatevoid Kdenlive is a pretty solid alternative, too, and probably more powerful than Shotcut (the user interface is definitely more "crowded" and it provides a wider range of effects).

As I'm using the GNOME desktop, it is a tad bit more resource-intensive (as it's using the KDE Framework). Both are great and get the job done.

I think it's actually awesome that there's so much choice nowadays. Other great candidates I'm aware of: Blender, Flowblade, Olive, OpenShot and Pitivi.

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