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#ProjectVesta wants to use the accelerated-breakdown of olivine to battle excess carbon...

"Project Vesta is a project to sequester carbon dioxide (CO2) by accelerating the weathering of a type of rock called olivine. When olivine interacts with water and the CO2 dissolved in it, it creates a bicarbonate solution that marine animals like corals use in their shells. The CO2 remains locked in that form and eventually settles as sediment or turns to limestone rock on the sea floor.

Olivine is a volcanic rock and one of the most abundant minerals on earth, making up over 50% of the upper mantle. It is also cheap, at less than $25 per ton, and each 1 ton of olivine that breaks down from weathering, sequesters 1.25 tons of CO2.

The issue is that the vast reserves of it are all underground. So our plan is to mine olivine and accelerate its weathering by using wave motion to tumble the rock. We imagine a global network of green sand beaches to turn the tide on carbon dioxide induced climate change."

Source: projectvesta.org/

A community in Jackson, MS is taking their fight against gerrymandering to another level of awesome: ecosteader.com/@indie/10161320

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Working on a fork of Mastodon that can make topic-based search & discussion more thoughtful for participants of a discussion... Code on GitHub @ github.com/indie/mastodon . The old site had what mastodon calls "toots"; concepts were more organized ideas in a topic-based context. Rails 3.2.17 and Ruby 1.9.3

A long overdue intro to the Fediverse... I Quit Twitter in May 2017 after realizing its role in birdshitting on democracy.

Finally finished building my own Apache-friendly Mastodon instance. Since I am a FIRM believer that topic-based discussion (( ❤️ reddit)) is better than the cult of personality, I'm designing @ecosteader.com to facilitate topic-based ecoLOGICAL discussion about our planet in peril. Hope to recruit @elonmusk, @WilWheaton and maybe... offer some support to


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