I've created a for Mastodon (and works with ) to make columns a bit and shows full images/thumbnails rather than the fixed cropped you get by default.

Install the extension in ( and then install my User Style from here:

@leonivek Can you update it for a site I got on the instance Thanks.

@leonivek Whatever you did made some photos crop up. I had to reinstall it. Some pics came fully but others were cropped?

@leonivek How do I make my sites show the full images since it's not doing that anymore?

@leonivek I thought that looked nice, so I've added the media preview changes to the default Chinwag setup. :awesome:

@leonivek Your userstyle is really handful. My only issue is that, since I use a rather large width (800 px), small images always get much bigger than they should, since they take all the column's width.
Would it be possible to make it so they can't get bigger than a 1/1 pixel size?

@ChameleonScales Hmmm... I'll have to check that out and will let you know.

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