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And it's done! All instances hosted by are now running v2.7.0

Any issues, please let me know.


When they forked LibreOffice from OpenOffice, did anyone propose "Cubicle" as a name?

"Pwned on 15 breached sites and found 1 paste" on my old e-mail address at My current email address is harder to check, because besides using randomly generated passwords for each account, I have a unique mail address on the same domain for every account as well.

Next step: randomly generated email addresses? If I was a better programmer I might create a service for this myself.

The best antidote to Facebook et al is just to continue building viable communities outside of those systems, using open protocols.
i changed my system locale from en_US to en_GB and now it's acting weird. please help

Holy crap, I had no idea this thing existed. Thinkpad W701ds, a 17" laptop with a numpad and 7" pull-out secondary display. What a weird and amazing machine.

Update v.1.5.1 January 14, 2019:
- Last update I accidently saved the theme with a hard-coded column width instead of the user-specified custom width. This is now fixed to respect your setting.

v0.8.0 will be shipping soon! 🚀

- Mobile APIs
- Improved federation
- Stories
- MicroUI

Any Rosella that lands on my hand is named Skittles. This is today's Skittles.

#bird #birds

Château Laurier in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. #ottawa #ontario #canada #capital #ChateauLaurier #castle
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