"The Lost Ways of Programming: Commodore 64 BASIC"

Phunny story: My biggest "project" on the C64 was a breakout game :)

I got as far as creating sprites for a rectangular paddle and a ball, and have the ball bounce at the screen edges. Then I went back to playing Katakis :)

@Mr_Teatime my first project was a bundesliga-tool, where I typed in the goals while listening to the radio and had a updated live table. afterwards I had to save the whole stuff to datasette, which was somewhat risky ;)

My older brother made a periodic system table that printed encyclopedia entries on each of the elements if you clicked on them. Ran out of RAM after Iron or so, and did not want to work out how to load stuff from disk on the fly. Which is fine because loading would have taken longer than looking it up in the encyclopedia ...

@leralle I had an Amstrad at that time, same experience - you turned it on & programming was right there

@patterfloof @leralle ... and the Amstrad had cassette or disk storage built right in. Fun machine.

As a programmer of that vintage:
* "do not need to write any classes" - why do we have to now?

* C64 BASIC is the worst BASIC example to use. Others had LOCATE x,y or PRINT AT x,y instead of POKE

* Poking at addr 0-255 on a real C64 would be right in the zero page and do bad things.

If you need immediate code, there's

@leralle A blast from the past! (though I have spent a lot more time programming TRS-80 BASIC, ZX-81 BASIC and BBC Model B BASIC (the nicest one), than with C64 BASIC)

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