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know your legal rights. for instance, you have the legal right to die mad when you are informed that cop lives don’t matter.

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Due to the fall in air pollution you can see the spectre of communism haunting Europe

why read about revolution from people who actually practiced it when you could be reading about revolution from a tenured professor at an elite american university?

i got 3 hours of sleep last night cuz i was in overstimulation hell, and this after an entire week of being sleep deprived due to fireworks

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corona is a horny horny horny little virus that just wants to FUCK

i almost always manage to miss the worse discourse which is incredibly blessed

Just been thinking recently about something very important. I've been seeing lots of hatred and bigotry lately thrown towards disabled folk and home/houseless folk, not on Masto but elsewhere on the internet.

These two minorities deserve just as much, if not MORE respect than any other, because they're the only two that you could instantly become a part of.

horrific racism, lynching, the identities of the men who tried to murder 

These are the men.

The Monroe prosecutor has their names x but has refused to take them into custody.

Make this be a huge fuss. Make them care.

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they’re not a vampire just a communist in a family of communists

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goin to the bathroom the day after eating some takis like, hot chip and die

also, y’all ever take drivers ed? pedestrian has the right of way, so i’m not sure where you read in the law books “if someone mildly inconveniences me on the road i am within my legal right to gun it”

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amazing how many people are willing to justify not only the hit and run during a protest in our community that left someone injured, but the one that left someone dead in seattle.

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