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know your legal rights. for instance, you have the legal right to die mad when you are informed that cop lives don’t matter.

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Due to the fall in air pollution you can see the spectre of communism haunting Europe

i dressed all cute and froze my cute little butt off while flyering today cuz i knew i was gonna be seeing someone i fuckin dig so hard to have lunch and hang out and they didn’t even say i was cute and hot and i was and they should have noticed!!!

#myasstodontownhall how are you gonna respond to accusations by footyiffer900 that you are a "pee pee head"

if someone murdered scooby or scrappy in the dooniverse would they be tried for murder the same way as with a human?

digging a grave for scrappy doo, everyone thinks i lost a toddler but scrappy is just very small

today was such a day i almost cried on the way to work, was nauseous all morning, felt manic and on the edge of a panic attack most of the day and just exhausted


drinkin a beer on this fine friday night hbu

idk what’s happening but faith from buffy was pretty bad if you ask me

absolutely lewd 

tfw you get some really fuckin good head

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