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“i may have a bod for sin, but i have the memory of an adult elephant”

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abt me post:
Hi! I’m Lisa and I’m 26 years old! I’m a dumb lil lesbian with the cutest damn gal on this planet @lesbianhacker. I’m a receptionist and I am trying to figure out what I wanna do with the rest of my life. I mostly talk about about how much I love my gf, my poor mental health, work, sex, and some other dumb things. I also talk politics sometimes but not often. Let’s be friends!

***Please don’t follow me if you are under 18, and my preference is for 21+ because of my own age***

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googles “how to unlock your god powers for a fat ass and immunity to illness”

if i was a god i would make it so i never had a common cold again... and i’d give myself a fat ass

When Marx said "workers are alienated from the products of their labor," I really felt that


don’t mess with a
who was born in
and hates driving

today i got promoted at work and i have a cold which sucks

going for a full lesbian look today - mid calf length plaid skirt, a graphic t shirt, and combat boots

homophobic that i have to go to work 40 hours a week instead of spending all week with my girlfriend 🤔

There’s actually zero evidence that facts don’t care about your feelings

Exhaustive list of my life goals:
- a job i don't hate.

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