at 26 i finally am getting my first credit card and i hate it... the idea stresses me out.. but it’s the easiest way to get credit history and i can just use it for groceries or meds

i wanna eventually get a house and be able to get an apartment with my girlfriend so i gotta... but yuck...

@lesbiangoth I need to get one too, I really wanna try to get something that gives me points I can use for airfare

@nuttgodd i just went with something basic. once my credit is higher i’ll get a different card and just not use my first one. i don’t know what rewards i care about though. i’ll probably just go for a basic cash back card.

@lesbiangoth everything I've heard is that the Cashback rewards are usually pretty bad in comparison to ones that give you points that you can use on things like flyer miles and other stuff!

@nuttgodd i have heard that, i just don’t have much interest in most the rewards points programs is the problem

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