any time i see bone bone on ig: i would die for you bone bone

my girlfriend is too busy catching up with the discourse to kiss me.... 😢 one single tear.emoji

@wintgenstein i’ve never paid for a sims game in my life. the first one my parents got for me when i was 11 along with 3 expansions and then after that i just torrented them in high school lol.

@wintgenstein oh i used a ton of mods and player content in sims 3. there’s some great mods LMFAO. i’m mostly thinking about content that makes people run around with massive dicks and things like that. my friend ran the stupidfuckingsims blog on tumblr and a lot of the content was my creations or ideas.

@wintgenstein andrew wilson voice: sorry we’re lazy and make ugly base game content please buy our dlcs with even shittier content for ridiculous prices and do not make good content for our game thanks

@wintgenstein what really irritates me is how much harder they make it with each game to mod the games and add outside content. idk ea maybe if your base game content wasn’t such garbage people wouldn’t have to have a dedicated online community for making hair and clothing and makeup and body mods LMFAO

@wintgenstein my life dream was to learn to do blown glass and make glass art like chulily or become a geophysicist who specializes in volcanology so i could do meaningful work learning how volcanoes work and when they will erupt so we can better plan for the future. but yeah capitalism. i feel it.

i don’t just want to see bone chapels, i also want to go to as many glass art museums as possible before i die, though most glass art pales in comparison to chulily’s

@wintgenstein i have several places i want to go. namely places that have chapels made of bones like the sedlec ossuary in the czech republic and capela dos ossos in portugal

i went back to sleep and had another dream where i couldn’t find my car in the mall parking lot lol.

god i had a nightmare last night. in the dream i was with jessica camping and we went to bed and then i woke up the next morning and she was gone. and she just never came back and i was panicking and horrified.

paper mario is fucking terrifying to me. imagine someone tells you that you can turn a new way and suddenly you can perceive an additional dimension of space. all of mario's dialogue should be screaming.

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