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i like to think about the blobheart emoji offering up other things as signs of friendship, perhaps a nice corncob or two


housing costs, capitalism 

It's fucked up that "maybe some things should just exist to beneft society and not make money" is such a controversial idea.

@jennie :gamer: No matter how long it's been since you picked up a controller, you can always be a gamer. Gaming transcends time because being a gamer is about what's in your heart. It's about the important things. The thing that brings gamers together: hatred of women and minorities. :gamer:

i..... like being hot.... people thinking i’m cute is nice...

selfie, LEWD, there are titties here folks, boost + 

i need to take good lewds soon... my last ones weren’t good. they were blah.

my brain at 3 am, despite hating kelsey grammar and having not seen fraiser since i was 8: tossed salad and scrambled eggs

selfie, not lewd but suggestive, boost + 

selfie, not lewd but suggestive, boost + 

selfie, not lewd but suggestive, boost + 

it's like a type but what type i don't know.... i wasn't attracted to my ex i was kinda forced into a relationship with her and my friend anna is like literally the definition of someone you've done too much gross shit with to be attracted to

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