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New profile header, a photo I took back in 2011. Going through my old photos, I've got some pretty stuff.

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Jokes are fun, but jokes are no match for materialist analysis.

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Found a way to play checkers :hotboi:


I hate baseboard heating. My apartment is cold and then suddenly I'm sweating

It's only been 2.5 workdays for me since my weekend and I feel like shit

Someone is getting way too comfortable knowing me and using my skills. Using my personal email to request that I do work that I'm not paid to do during my work hours?

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We're quick to seek out a quick fix, but problems often run deeper than "corporations own this thing".

Worker owned factories doesn't solve the problems of capitalism, and an open source dating app is similarly a bandaid over a huge social problem.

I'm too tired to finish this thought.

We're hitting critical stress levels yet again, and I can't sleep which is super cool

Holy shit, the late fee literally doubled what I owed... luckily it was practically nothing but yikes

Got hit by a late fee because when I paid my credit card off some of the payments hadn't been processed...

They didn't even email me, I was 1 day from getting hit with another late fee...

Sometimes people make jokes that are obtuse and I cannot tell if they are intentionally obtuse or not

Not far from my goal. I'm a poor trans girl, pre-HRT. Need to move so I can transition safely. Im not asking for help with transition goals right now, just rent and food money.

Venmo is @ Jordan-Schmidt-26
Cash app $RaelynEris

They have me scheduled for 4.5 hours today (again) so I don't get a lunch break. Cheap bastards.

I don't want to go to work 2. I want to sleep. Why am I so tired.

I could get the data I want easily myself but I procrastinated and the time it would take to modify my preexisting scripts would make me miss my deadline

Trying to find generic (but useful) social network data (without scraping it yourself) is obnoxious.

What good is a list of anonymized user ids paired together? With no other data?

What I write never has any unintended implications ever, and any criticism of what I say is based on a willful misreading of my words. πŸ˜‰

I'm using Tableau for a class and I imported data sources and it listed them as the same, but one with a 2 after it. It took me 20 minutes of frustration to realize that it was a bug and that I wasn't doing anything wrong.

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