Get GPX traces of local bus routes.

I'm not quite comfortable enough with mapping to update the bus routes, but GPX traces would be good for others, right?

@lesbianhacker @Doudouosm
I know what you mean about bus routes in #OpenStreetMap, they're a little too complicated for me! Taking GPS traces can be good, but you'd have to make sure you document them, so people know it is a bus route, the number etc. If you're sitting on the bus taking a trace, you can add other bus related mapping, like where the bus stops are, does the stop have a shelter, bench, tactile paving, etc.

@lesbianhacker @Doudouosm Do you know about #Mapillary & #OpenStreetCam? It's #OSM's Google StreetVIew. If you're taking a GPS trace, why not take photos with them? It will record a GPS trace that's uploaded, but the photos will be very helpful to bus (& other) mappers!


I know about Mapillary, and I think I've heard of OpenStreetCam before. I've uploaded a GPX trace before, I used to map it.

I think I can embed images in that GPX trace, too? Not 100% sure.

I prefer to sign up for as few services as possible lol

@lesbianhacker You might be able to include an image in a GPX file (It /could/ be an extensible format!) *But* what are you going to do with that then?

You can upload a GPX trace to #OpenStreetMap , but that definitly doesn't do anything with images.

If you don't want to upload images, you could just make lots of #OSM Notes? "Here is bus stop 123 on route 45, there is a shelter and electronic passenger display" You can do that with an OSM account or anonymously, and other OSM mappers can see

@rory Jungle Bus was recommended to me, and it let's you create bus stops and update them (so long as the existing ones are tagged as highway=bus_stop). I've been taking geotagged photos of other things and adding the info at home as I scroll through my phone, it's not fast but it's effective. Doesn't help other mappers much, though

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