Is there a reason that has a map that doesn't match ? It makes it very difficult to update more recent additions (which in my town is basically everything)

@lesbianhacker StreetComplete uses Mapzen's vector tiles I think. Its possible it is just out of date, so new data changes aren't shown. Is that what you mean? Or do you mean the style /colours etc?

@rory yeah, that's what I mean. The actual quests match up with OSM, but roads and buildings and footpaths aren't shown if they were added since whenever I started using StreetComplete (I tried a reinstall).

Probably just out of date tiles on Mapzen then.

@lesbianhacker there is a setting to control how much space StreetComplete uses as a local cache for tiles. Maybe try putting that really low and seeing if it'll redownload tiles?

Mapzen ran out of money about a year ago, and closed down, so SC has been using Nextzen spin off. I dunno how often they update tiles.

@rory It looks like maybe Nextzen supports only data from as late as December 2017. Reducing the cache size wasnt effective, and Nextzen doesn't have any of the updates from the past month on their website either, so I guess I'll just have to live with that or find a different app like StreetComplete that has better tile support

@lesbianhacker hmmm data that out of date sounds bad... Maybe raise this with the StreetComplete creator on github?

@rory I'll have to dig into it. I saw something about a week ago about trying to make it possible for users to host their own tile servers, or have community tile servers or something. That seems like a cool idea (although it would probably need to be a separate project from StreetComplete imo)

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