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Command and Conquer: Red Alert is fun, but I can't really expect to play against humans if I can't even beat the AIs

LRT it's yes man if he got shoved into the body of a mouse



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@noorul @loke

I don't have a tutorial (because I haven't gone out and looked for one yet) but /etc/hosts doesn't let you use wildcard characters, so instead of *.facebook.* I would have to manually add each variation.

There are hundreds of them, and I'd have to make sure to update them every time a new one appeared.

@loke Oh, okay. I'm only really planning to use this as a way to filter domains that I'd rather not allow my computers to connect to (certain advertising agencies, maybe Facebook eventually), and any sites I actually want to reach I'll be relying on an established DNS.

I'm not planning to allow anyone on the outside of my network to connect to the server. If my ISP does end up playing middleman I'll just have to deal with it lol

@loke Would reverse lookups stop working entirely if I didn't do that? Or could a fallback DNS server handle it?

I've used it before, but if I have to do without it I don't see it being too much of a hassle.

@loke Oh sweet, if that's the only equipment I need then I'm set. I've got a raspberry pi, I'll have to dust it off. Thanks!

How difficult is it to set up a DNS server? My budget is $0 but I have some equipment laying around unused... I just don't know if it's the right equipment.

And it wouldn't help very much when I'm out and about using my phone...

i can't understand why, in a world where fallout new vegas exists, anyone would want to create a game that isn't fallout new vegas

@lesbiangoth You'd probably have slipped and fallen just seeing how greasy I was

I need to take more pictures. It's ironic, I used to carry a clunky camera around everywhere and take tons of pictures, but now I carry a much better, entirely unclunky camera around everywhere and almost never use it.

A good feeling: taking a steaming hot shower when it's below freezing outside and you're covered head to toe in vegetable oil fryer grease... clean.... warm.....

What powers does the US president gain by declaring a National State of Emergency?

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