@Ptang @ALWETP the mobile browser does work pretty well, even better than Tusky I think (although account switching is still easier with an app)

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Obviously this gets bureaucratic, and nobody likes that, and as much bureaucracy as possible should be avoided, but there needs to be accountability, and the tyranny of structurelessness is real

re: fediverse meta 3/... 

There's no way to please everyone, but a clear set of policies should exist so that people know what to expect, and those policies should include ways to update the policies if the users wish to change or add.
Decision making should be transparent and easy to participate in for all users, and all users should be notified that decisions are being made.
Moderators should be able to have some freedom to act without a vote, though.

fediverse meta 

I really want there to be a good fediverse instance with responsive mods and admins who are held accountable to their users by their instance rules, with a democratic process for removing rogue or neglectful moderators and which has a process that allows non-techies to hold positions of authority in the community.

Obviously techs are necessary to keep things running, but personally I think the tech admin being the default ruler of an instance is too much power.


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