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I downloaded the OpenRA C&C games and turns out I'm real bad at RTS

i would say im socially communist, and fiscally communist

Half my coworkers called out today already, the office is just... empty. I managed to find a parking spot.


Is the PDF a photocopy of the book? I think it would depend on what you're actually putting in the bibliography, the PDF or the original.

Friendica is functional, but it's kind of clunky and a bit buggy. It doesn't federate very quickly, but I don't know if that's a Friendica problem.

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Might not still be true, but like ten years ago the most popular password (according to a major password db breach) was "rebecca"

I fucking hate my scrum class, it's so fucking stupid. Basically every assignment breaks the entire ideology of scrum, so what's the fucking point other than to pretend we're hip

@lesbiangoth I love you so much! I'm so happy to be with you and in love with you and spend time with you!

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