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if we abolish prisons where are we going to put kamala harris

PeerTube needs more cat videos. And people need to use tags on their videos lmao

marketing chief of purism is giving support to ICE 

It's stopped. idk if maintenance stopped it or if it just stopped but thank fuck it's not still going

it was actually downstairs and now maintenance is on their way, and I got to meet some of my neighbors.

I went to lend them a fan, but there wasn't any smoke. It's just. Going off.

just remembered this gem i found near a waterfall when i was camping 5 years ago


I'm not sure I like the concept up "public timelines" tbh.

Had a wonderful breakfast with the lovely @lesbiangoth, she made me biscuits and gravy, and we had blueberry cake as well. I'm very gay and full of love!

mastodon is crumbling and many blame my EPIC prank (gone WRONG!)

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